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Start the New Year With a Computer Upgrade | Apple Valley A Plus Computers

Start the New Year with a Computer Upgrade

The year 2015 was momentous in terms of personal computing. From the release of Windows 10 to the massive increase in cyber attacks, 2015 was a year to remember. As computer users in Apple Valley ponder what 2016 may bring, it is important to review some personal computer trends that may require an upgrade next year.

Windows 10

After years of research, development and coding, tech giant Microsoft finally released a truly cross-platform operating system that recalls the massive success of Windows XP. Even though Windows Vista and the versions that followed were certainly useful and respectable, Windows 10 was released with the distinction of being a breakthrough, next-generation operating system.
Computer users who have not yet upgraded to Windows 10 will probably want to do so in early 2016. Although this operating system is not too demanding in terms of system requirements, many users should consider investing in computer repairs and upgrades along with their Windows 10 installation; doing so will be akin to starting the New Year with a new computer.


Windows 10 is not limited to desktop and laptop computers; it can also run on tablets and smartphones. Microsoft wants a greater share of the mobile market dominated by Apple and Google with their respective iOS and Android operating systems; to this end, Windows 10 features great synchronicity across devices.
A few new smartphones and tablets loaded with Windows 10 shipped just in time for the holiday season, but Microsoft has promised to make the new operating system to some older mobile devices in 2016. Desktop and laptop computer owners who upgrade to Windows 10 should inquire if they can make a similar upgrade to their smartphones and tablets, and they should also check about synchronizing all their devices.


A major trend in personal computing for 2016 will be increased security through biometrics. Windows Hello is one of the many features of Windows 10, and it aims to provide a better authentication system than the traditional username/password paradigm. The biometrics feature of Windows Hello requires equipment such as fingerprint scanners, which can be installed as peripherals in some systems. The idea is to link fingerprints to identities and login processes so that users no longer have to worry about their passwords being stolen.

FBI MoneyPak Virus

FBI MoneyPak Virus

FBI MoneyPak Virus – it is a scam. If you have encountered this virus DO NOT send money. The Virus looks very official, but there are a few things that people should consider. First, the FBI does not have the power to charge fines. That is a power that is reserved for courts of law. Even though the screen that pops up looks official, it is not.

What to Do?

If your computer is infected with the FBI Money Pak virus simply unplug it and bring it into A Plus Computers. A Plus Computers provides quality computer services to the entire High Desert and the awesome community of Hesperia. The work that they do is guaranteed, and they offer a free comprehensive diagnostic services too. It is usually much less expensive to bring the computer into A Plus Computers than it is to spend the time to find a program that may or may not work. Once the virus is initiated, it is best to let a professional make sure that it is properly removed and that your data is secure.
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Virus Removal Online Solution vs. Computer Shop

Virus Removal: Online Solution vs. Computer Shop

A Plus Computers updates the age old question which is better; Hunting for a virus removal program or taking your computer to the computer shop for virus removal?

The Online Solution

There are hundreds if not thousands of programs out there that claim to be able to remove virus and malware from computers. Some of them do a great job while others leave a lot to be desired. One problem with trying to find an online solution to virus and malware issues is the gap in quality. Even when you find a good program, you have to install it. If you already have an antiviral program in place that is expired or is not doing its job, the two programs may fight.
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When is it Time to Upgrade

When is it Time to Upgrade?

A Plus Computers is your computer service center providing computer repairs, and computer upgrade services to the High Desert and Victorville. The question that we pose today is When it is time to upgrade your computer? Before we answer that question let’s look at what a computer upgrade is.

Computer Upgrade

The basic idea is to modernize components within your computer so that the computer is more adept at dealing with the tasks assigned to it. What this means is increasing the amount of RAM. It also means installing newer versions of software, such as the operating system. Additionally, replacing components and drives that are damaged or not able to handle the newest technology.
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Choosing Right Computer

Choosing the Right Computer

These days, it seems everyone in the Apple Valley and Victorville area needs a computer for something. Whether you’re a child playing a game or doing homework, or an adult engaging in high tech video production, life without a computer can seem like not much of a life. But what kind of computer or computers do you need? Is a powerful desktop computer best suited to your needs? Is the portability of a laptop more your speed? Do you want to gadget feel of a tablet? Or maybe, you’d prefer to have all three. Each device has strengths and weaknesses and may fit different situations.
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Virus Detected

3 Ways to Avoid Computer Viruses

Computer viruses have become almost legendary in recent years as more and more people find themselves connected to the Internet. Even local and national news outlets have taken to reporting on particularly nasty viruses whenever they happen to appear. While it is true that a single virus can potentially infest your computer and wreck havoc, it is also true that you can take a number of steps to protect both yourself and the sensitive information contained on your hard drive. There are three main ways, in fact, that you can  avoid viruses and keep your computer as safe and secure as possible.
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Computer Upgrades

Simple Computer Upgrade To Consider

If your computer is starting  show its age and you are seeking help to avoid a costly replacement, you have some easy and cost effective options. Some people make the assumption that a computer that is a year or two old has already started to outlive its usefulness and that it cannot possibly keep up with the demands that you will be placing upon it. This is really quit far from the truth: Often the difference between your two or three year old computer and the newer models just released in the stores is nothing more than some extra RAM, some added storage capacity, and a better graphics card. These are all things you can get done much more cheaply than you could buy a new computer.
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