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Apple Discontinues Repair Support for Many Devices

If you own certain older models of the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or iPhone 3G, Apple will no longer give you repair, service or support. According to an internal document made public in late May 2017, Apple is moving nine hardware devices to its obsolete list, which means that owners of these products will be turned away at the Apple Store and other authorized service providers.

Devices No Longer Receiving Support from Apple

The list includes two MacBook Air models from 2011: the 11-inch and 13-inch versions. Three MacBook Pros from 2011 are now obsolete: the 13, 15 and 17-inch models. Additionally, the 2009 MacBook Pro, which was a very expensive and popular model, is being placed on Apple’s vintage list, which means that a minimal level of support and repairs will be offered for a limited time before that device is also labeled obsolete.

The iPhone 3GS is another device that technicians at the Apple Store and other repair centers affiliated with Apple will no longer touch. It is interesting to note that some exceptions will be made to this obsolete policy; in California, owners of the aforementioned MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models will get limited support over the next two years, and this is some consolation for device owners living in Apple Valley.

Growing Frustration at Apple’s Service Policies

In recent years, there has been consternation among computer users who are fans of Apple, a California brand that evokes a sense of pride among residents of the Golden State. Although the company’s products are acclaimed for their design, performance, flair, and functionality, the same cannot be said about its service and repairs policies.

As previously discussed in this blog, Apple has been engaged in lobbying activity against legislation proposed in various states in relation to technical service and repairs. Apple is concerned that new laws may compel the company to provide manual and special tools to independent computer repair shops; this is something that Apple has always been opposed to.

Apple likes to exert total control over service and repairs of its products because this is an excellent revenue stream and marketing strategy; however, when the company makes its own products obsolete, this desire for total control becomes draconian and inconvenient for owners of vintage devices such as MacBook Pros.

If you own older Apple products in need of repair, feel free to bring them to A Plus Computers in Apple Valley for diagnostics and service. Unlike the Apple Store or Best Buy, our technicians will not turn you away; instead, they will assess the problem and will do everything possible to fix your devices. Being the owner of a vintage Apple product is a neat experience, and we will do everything possible to help you hold on to your iOS or Mac OSX devices a little longer.