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The Basics of Keeping Your Computer Equipment Clean | Victorville Maintenance

The Basics of Keeping Your Computer Equipment Clean

Spring cleaning is something that we often neglect to apply to our computer equipment. These days, when we talk about the need to keep our computers clean, we often refer to scanning our operating systems for spyware, browser extensions, hijackers, and unnecessary processes that load at startup or else continuously run from memory.

Keeping computers clean also means eliminating the dust that accumulates around crucial components. Dusty systems are common in Apple Valley, Victorville and other communities in the High Desert; this is due to the dry and arid conditions that translate into very small dust particles that get into hardware.

The Importance of Cleaning Away Dust

Computer fans tend to be the most affected by dust particles that accumulate and reduce the system’s overall cooling efficiency. Dusty computers tend to run hotter and force fans to spin faster, thereby reducing their useful life. Frequently dusting computers on the outside is something that all computer owners can do, and this will certainly go a long way in maintaining the longevity of systems; however, an internal dusting is something that should be done once at least once a year.

Clients who bring their systems to A Plus Computers for spring cleaning usually request dusting in addition to a system tune-up; this makes sense insofar as improving overall performance. When a dusty computer is running hidden spyware processes, the CPU temperature rises as more resources are taken up; this will cause the internal fans to spin at higher speeds.

Don’t Delay When It Comes to Cleaning

You would be surprised how much dust and dirt can accumulate in the case of computers and laptops alone. A full cleaning includes the internal components such as heat sinks, graphics and sound cards, fan blades, rails, etc. We use compressed air, special solvents and small precision tools to accomplish this. When systems are properly dusted, cleaned and tuned-up, clients can immediately notice an improvement in performance.

Desktops and laptops are not the only computing systems that need dusting from time to time. Keyboards, speakers, mice, tablets, smartphones, media centers, printers, scanners, and monitors can also benefit from internal cleanings. In the end, these cleanings help avoid malfunction, and the also extend the lifetime of the devices.