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Choosing Right Computer

Choosing the Right Computer

These days, it seems everyone in the Apple Valley and Victorville area needs a computer for something. Whether you’re a child playing a game or doing homework, or an adult engaging in high tech video production, life without a computer can seem like not much of a life. But what kind of computer or computers do you need? Is a powerful desktop computer best suited to your needs? Is the portability of a laptop more your speed? Do you want to gadget feel of a tablet? Or maybe, you’d prefer to have all three. Each device has strengths and weaknesses and may fit different situations.


Traditionally, when people have talked about “getting a computer” this is what they meant. Back when computers were a luxury instead of a necessity, a desktop sat in an Apple Valley home or office and family members took turns planning the budget, working on that report on aardvarks, or playing games. For many, the desktop still has this function. While some consider the desktop outdated and prefer more mobility, there are some advantages to owning a desktop computer.

Desktops hold more power for less money than a comparably priced laptop, and they are easier to upgrade. For those who are serious gamers, or need a home office that forces them to sit in one spot and get some work done, desktops are great. Monitors are often larger than laptop screens, which can also make them good for watching video or gaming.

Still, dealing with cables can be a mess, and many people feel a bit uneasy being that grounded, and they really need a computer they can take on the go.

The Laptop

With the laptop,  the computing world started to move from “the computer” to “my computer.” With a laptop,  there is a more personal feel because it can go with you wherever you go. It can easily connect to the Internet via WiFi, and will perform most basic computing tasks including word processing, and other office applications, games, videos, and general web browsing.

Though laptops have problems too. Screens and cords go out. Fans get loud and start drowning out the background music at the Victorville coffee shop. And the whole computer can start to feel very, very warm — especially if you are gaming or multitasking. With the smaller screen, it is also harder to see everything you need to see to get your work done.

The Tablet

Just a few years ago when someone walked into a shop or hopped on a bus with a computer tablet “oohs and ah” abounded. Compared to desktops or laptops, tablets are much less powerful, but even more portable. They can be carried in an everyday bag and don’t require their own case, so when you travel with one there is nothing about you that screams, ” I am carrying a computer.”

While tablets are not powerhouses, for many people they are fine for leisure and errands. For example, someone might use apps on their tablets to read books, check their email, or do their online banking. It’s good for travel and is easy to hand, over to the kids to watch a movie in the backseat during a road trip.

Connectivity can also be easier with a tablet, almost all tablets have WiFi capability, and often they can be added to a mobile phone plan so that users can use a 4G connection to connect anywhere. Since they function as a lighter version of computer, it won’t use as much bandwidth as a laptop

All in all, the computer you need depends on whom you are, and what you want to do next.