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Common iPhone Repair Issues

With each new version of the revolutionary iPhone, tech giant Apple proves why this device continues to be one of the most popular in the world. The iPhone keeps getting more advanced and sophisticated, but this does not mean that it is impervious to technical issues.

At the Genius Bars of Apple Stores everywhere, technicians are more likely to be found helping out customers with issues related to iPhones than with issues related to any other devices. These are problems tend to be different from those that affect computers, but they can be handled in Apple Valley and Victorville by the staff of A Plus Computer.

Here are some of the most common issues experienced by iPhone owners:

  • Unable to connect to Wi-Fi networks: In most cases, the iOS version is out of date; however, this may also be indicative of a hardware component failure and may require replacement.
  • Inoperative home button: In most iPhones, this problem can be easily fixed by means of an inexpensive and simple replacement.
  • Battery no longer charges: When the icon that displays the recharging status no longer appears, this may indicate a faulty dock connector. Similar to the home button, this is an issue that requires replacement, and it is often recommended to replace the microphone at the same time.
  • Overheating and rapid loss of battery charge: Before replacing an iPhone battery, it helps to review the settings and the installed apps for the purpose of figuring out which processes are constantly running. Some owners may choose to backup their data before performing a hard reset, updating the iOS and reinstalling only essential apps.
  • Unresponsive touchscreen: iPhone displays are known to be very resilient, and they can keep on functioning even with a nicked or cracked glass; however, they have their limits. When a hard reset does not bring a damaged touchscreen back to life, a full replacement may be needed. The cost of this repair will depend on the iPhone model.
  • Apps become unstable and constantly crash: iOS is a formidable piece of software engineering, but it is known to have a few issues. Ambiguous settings, an improperly applied jailbreak, or an out-of-date version of iOS can cause installed apps to behave erratically. Depending on the issue, this can be fixed by a soft or hard reset along with an iOS update.

If your iPhone, iPod or iPad are afflicted by any of the issues above, contact A Plus Computer in Victorville.