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Common Repair Policies for Computers Under Warranty | Apple Valley Computers

Common Repair Policies for Computers Under Warranty

Most computer buyers will not complete their purchases without first inquiring about the type of warranty that will cover their new equipment. Manufacturer warranties are pretty much standard for off-the-shelf and custom-built systems; in some cases, refurbished computers may also include a limited warranty offered by the store or the service center. In other cases, electronic retailers may offer service and maintenance plans that can be purchased for the purpose of augmenting equipment warranties.

For the most part, warranties extended by computer manufacturers are comprehensive, which means that buyers may get a replacement system if certain issues cannot be repaired within the coverage period. Warranties typically last anywhere between six months and a year, although companies such as Apple are known to offer longer terms.

The Most Convenient Way to Repair Personal Computers

Even though the personal computing industry dates back to the previous century, its warranty system has never been able to match the convenience that the automotive and home appliance industries provide. Computer owners would certainly like being able to take their devices to a local repair shop and even get a temporary loaner; however, this is hardly the case. With the exception of Apple device owners who purchase special maintenance plans for their Macs, PowerBooks, iPhones, and iPads, most computer warranties require device owners to get in touch with a call center and try to resolve the problem via remote tech support before shipping the computer to a repair hub. A more convenient process is available to those who purchase a maintenance plan since this allows them to take their devices to a retailer that has a service department, but even in this situation, their computers are often shipped to a repair hub if the issue cannot be resolved locally.

Local repair shops such as A Plus Computers in Apple Valley offer a convenient option for computer owners who feel that exercising their warranties will be cumbersome. Quite a few repair and maintenance services can be performed without voiding the warranty, and many issues can be solved a lot faster than when the computer has to be shipped.

The moment a computer owner exercises the device warranty, the manufacturer is bound to perform the required repairs. Should the warranty expire after the issue is reported or while repairs are still being performed, the manufacturer has to honor it.

In recent years, the scope of repairs covered under computer warranties has become limited. If your system has an issue that falls outside of the warranty, contact our repair technicians at A Plus Computers.