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Why Custom Computer Builds Make Great Holiday Gifts | Apple Valley PCs

Why Custom Computer Builds Make Great Holiday Gifts

For the gamer, graphic designer, filmmaker, musician, architect, developer, or engineer in your life, a custom computer build is one of the best gifts you can think about this holiday season, and now you have an advantage related to the fall of the cryptocurrency market. With the exchange price of Bitcoin having reached record low levels in November, operators of mining pools have stopped gobbling up the most powerful graphics cards on the market, which means that they are back in stock and have returned to normal pricing.

While the majority of custom-made PCs are built for gaming, there is an important segment of digital photo and video editors who also need powerful rigs. Apple recently introduced its latest iMac Pro and MacBook Pro devices, but even the six-core processor running on 32GB of modern RAM may not be enough for 3D rendering and other complex video production tasks. What you really want for composite editing that flies is an Intel i9 7900X processor mounted on an Asus X299 motherboard, and these two components cost less than the MacBook Pro while delivering far more performance. For a graphics card, you can go with the better Nvidia option instead of having to settle for Apple’s choice of AMD.

The Strengths of Custom Gaming PCs

For gamers, the allure of a custom rig is that it will be one step ahead of most off-the-shelf systems, which are generally priced to be underwhelming and may not be able to play the most demanding AAA titles or virtual reality games to their full glory. Not many store-bought systems will be able to deliver 4K resolutions and 100 frames per second; if this is your goal, custom computer builds are your only choice; depending on the configuration you choose, the cash you save can be put towards cool peripherals such as special mouse and keyboard combinations, VR headsets and surround sound systems.

If you wish to surprise a loved one with a custom computer build, make a note of the games they play or the programs they use for graphics, video, sound, or software development; our PC technicians will be able to design a powerful system that is within your holiday budget. As for the case, you get to choose one with lots of flairs that will match the style of your loved one’s office, bedroom or gaming space. Custom computer builds are long-lasting gifts that can always be upgraded in the future.