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FBI MoneyPak Virus

FBI MoneyPak Virus

FBI MoneyPak Virus – it is a scam. If you have encountered this virus DO NOT send money. The Virus looks very official, but there are a few things that people should consider. First, the FBI does not have the power to charge fines. That is a power that is reserved for courts of law. Even though the screen that pops up looks official, it is not.

What to Do?

If your computer is infected with the FBI Money Pak virus simply unplug it and bring it into A Plus Computers. A Plus Computers provides quality computer services to the entire High Desert and the awesome community of Hesperia. The work that they do is guaranteed, and they offer a free comprehensive diagnostic services too. It is usually much less expensive to bring the computer into A Plus Computers than it is to spend the time to find a program that may or may not work. Once the virus is initiated, it is best to let a professional make sure that it is properly removed and that your data is secure.

How it Works

The FBI Money Pak Virus is good at what it does. Everyday people are sending the criminals behind this virus funds through MoneyPak to the tune of hundreds of dollars. That is in part because the notice that pops up looks authentic. It contains an official FBI logo, and it displays information in an authoritative manner. Even though the notice looks official it is NOT official.

MoneyPak is a legitimate business, but aside from the fact that is used as a tool by the virus; it is not involved. MoneyPak is used every day by people who want to send money securely online. The MoneyPak web page offers some advice on how to recognize scams such as this one.

Who to Call?

A Plus Computers has the tools and knowledge to remove the FBI MoneyPak Virus. They also have the knowledge to remove virus and malware from your computer safely. All of the work that they perform is guaranteed. They have been working the High Desert community for years and have developed a positive reputation among the folks of Hesperia. They can help you find a great antiviral program. They will install it for you correctly and set it up so that it will update itself and scan your system as needed.

Antivirus programs are only as good as the data that is stored in their catalog. That is why it is important that your antivirus definitions be updated often. Known virus are very capable of mutating and when they do they can slip by antivirus software that is not up to date. You are doing yourself a favor by making sure that your antiviral program is up to date and that all of the current database of virus and malware profiles are available for your program to do its job. A Plus Computers can help you avoid issues like the FBI MoneyPak Virus. Call them today, or just drop by for all of the details.