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How to Get the Most Out of Google Chrome

The endless battle over web browser supremacy is currently being won by Google Chrome. It has been more than 10 years since Chrome surpassed Microsoft Internet Explorer in terms of global market share, and this dominance is expected to continue growing as more Chromebooks, which only work with the Chrome browser, become more popular.

Aside from being the most ideal browser to access popular Google services such as Gmail, Maps, and Docs, there is another reason why Chrome is the world’s leading browser: its comprehensive catalog of extensions that can significantly increase functionality and productivity.

Even though Google officially deprecated the apps section of its Chrome Web Store in late 2017, many developers transformed their apps to extensions; furthermore, Google started pushing progressive web apps, which are next-generation web services that take advantage of Chrome’s structure and offline functionality.

Getting the most out of the Chrome browser boils down to installing the right extensions, and here are a few you should consider for your desktop or laptop:


This is the app that United States President Donald Trump, known to be a big fan of Twitter, should be using. TweetDeck works like a dream with regard to managing your favorite feeds, composing updates, engaging with others, and uploading multimedia content.


If you are partial to a certain layout and color scheme when browsing the internet, you can apply your preferences to every site you visit after installing the Stylish Chrome extension.


As a great example of the direction that progressive web apps are taking, Polarr is a full-fledged image and photo editor that fives Photoshop a run for its money. This app also features some offline functionality.


The best note-taking tool on the internet works better as a Google Chrome extension. With Evernote, anything you observe or create can be instantly recorded in a variety of digital formats, and it can also be dynamically shared with others for collaboration projects.

AdBlock Plus

This extension does more than just block those annoying online ads that seem to take up entire web pages; AdBlock Plus also deals with those pesky behavioral marketing cookies that follow you all around the web.


Imagine being able to get all your calls, messages and notifications right within your browser; this is exactly what happens when you install Pushbullet. With this extension, you can even send and receive traditional text messages and share links without touching your smartphone.