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What You Really Need to Know About Laptop Repair | A Plus Computers

What You Really Need to Know About Laptop Repair

Until very recently, technology analysts believed that smartphones and tablets were going to replace desktops as well as laptops. A similar prediction was made years ago when netbooks were still around, but the fact is that computer users have largely chosen laptops as their preferred mode of personal computing.

Declining Support For Laptops and Tablets

Tablets are expected to suffer the same fate as netbooks did years ago; their popularity was mostly based on novelty and marketing, and in the end, laptops retained their status as preferred portable computing devices. Tech giant Microsoft saw this coming with its popular line of Surface products, which these days are either hybrids or laptops.

Computer manufacturers are once again stepping up their production of laptops, and major computer retailers are eager to sell them at very low profit margins; the reason for this business model is that big retailers are keen on upselling each laptop with service agreements that they can manage from their very own repair departments.

Major computer and electronics retail chains have a bad reputation with regard to laptop repair. In 2013, a Reddit user who was a former technician at a major store went public with his comments about unethical prices and overpricing for laptop repairs. This issue is not limited to stores in the United States; an August 2018 investigation by British newspaper The Sun revealed that laptop customers who needed repairs were often overcharged by as much as £260, which comes out to more than $300.

Local Repair Stores Provide the Most Personalized Repair Solutions

Local repair shops such as A Plus Computers in Apple Valley are a much better option for your laptop than the service departments at major chains. Local shops operate on different business models because they do not have considerably lower overhead to worry about.

A common complaint heard about major chains is that they often overcharge on replacement parts because they are not commonly included in the service agreement, therefore presenting a profit opportunity to exploit. Independent repair shops do not engage in this practice because it only puts at risk the most valuable business model: keeping customers happy to increase loyalty potential.

With all the above in mind, you should also know that laptops are more likely to require repairs than desktops, and this is caused by virtue of being fragile portable devices. Always handle your laptop gently and avoid impact situations, and this also applies to the cords and peripherals; also, be sure to give your laptop vents plenty of air circulation since these devices tend to run hotter than desktops.