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Optimize Your Computer to Start Off the New Year | Apple Valley Virus Removal

Optimize Your Computer to Start Off the New Year

New computers make great holiday gifts, but not everyone is lucky to find a shiny new desktop or laptop under the tree in December. Being able to start off the New Year with a new computer is an ideal situation for just about everyone; if this is not your case, you still have the option of speeding up your old system with a computer optimization service or an upgrade from A Plus Computers in Apple Valley.

Just about any PC or Mac can be optimized to work as it did when you turned it on for the first time; in some cases, performance can be improved through hardware upgrades so that your system will run even better than it did straight out of the box. If you use your computer for school or business, optimizing it early in January will help you boost productivity for the year.

Start The Year With Comprehensive Computer Maintenance

The level of optimization your computer should get for the year will depend on the configuration of your system, intended usage, and goals; for example, a Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 tablet or hybrid can be easily restored to its factory settings after your data has been backed up. PCs and desktops running Windows 7 can be optimized by means of cleaning up old files, repairing the registry, updating drivers, and running a defragmentation utility on the hard drive.

Mac desktops and MacBooks can also be brought back to an out-of-the-box state through various optimization strategies that make the SSD unit more efficient. Reinstalling Mac OS X after backing up your software and personal data is always an option.

If your system can support an upgrade in 2018, you should strongly consider this option. Windows computers are easier to upgrade than Macs, and they may last longer if the memory, graphics card, and hard drive can be replaced with new and modern components. Owners of very old computers that no longer support upgrades can still use their systems for browsing the web if they choose to install a new operating system based on the Linux kernel.

Another reason to bring your system to A Plus Computers in January is to inspect the hardware. Faulty capacitors, dusty fans, bad memory, and ailing hard drives could result in systemic failure and loss of important data. To learn more about computer optimization and upgrade options, contact our office today.