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Options for Speeding Up Your Old PC | Apple Valley Computer Virus Removal

Options for Speeding Up Your Old PC

At some point in the life of a new desktop or laptop PC, its operational speed and overall performance will begin to lag. Inevitably, the operating system and hard drive will become burdened with software applications, games, documents, photographs, music, videos, and background processes that will strip away the original speed of the device in a cumulative manner.

Restoring a PC to its original speed is certainly possible; in many cases, the device can be upgraded and reconfigured to improve upon its original state, thereby making it faster.

When you bring your old PC to A Plus Computers in Apple Valley, you will have a few service options to choose from in relation to improving performance:

Upgrade and Optimization

Depending on the age of your computer and how much longer you plan on using it, you may want to consider a hardware upgrade to increase the physical RAM and improve functionality with a solid state drive instead of a traditional hard drive. This upgrade can be complemented with optimization options that may include a fresh operating system installation.

Resetting or Reinstalling the Operating System

In modern versions of the Windows operating system, Microsoft has made it easier for users to reset their computers to previous and optimal states; such is the case with Windows 8 and Windows 10, which have a Refresh function. Windows 10 goes one step further with its Reset option, which is similar to the reset button found in Android tablets.

If your older computer can only handle Windows 7 even after a hardware upgrade, one option would be to start afresh with a reinstallation and restoring a previous backup. If you are looking for even more speed, you may want to consider a modern and lightweight Linux installation instead of Windows; in this case, however, you will have to get used to a different operating system and install new programs.

Optimization Package

Hardware upgrades and reinstalling Windows are not always necessary. The A Plus Computers Optimization Package consists of an analysis and remediation of startup procedures, background processes, archived files, registry issues, page file configuration, and power management settings. In some cases, your hard drive may need to be defragmented; moreover, you may not realize that malware and adware scripts could be slowing down your system. This optimization service is often chosen by computer owners who want an affordable solution; however, upgrades are highly recommended.