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Should You Switch to the Microsoft Edge Browser?

One of the most prominent upgrades of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, which you may have already received on your desktop, laptop or tablet computer, is the overall improvement of the Microsoft Edge browser. If you have not been using Edge as your default browser on Windows 10, you may want to know that Microsoft has been busy trying to improve it.

In terms of web browser market share, Google Chrome commands the lion’s share with more than 50 percent while Microsoft has a paltry seven percent with Internet Explorer and Edge combined; for this reason, it is not surprising that the company is working to improve the functionality of Edge.

Here are five new features of the Edge browser that were included with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update:

Full Screen Browsing

This may seem like a minor upgrade, but many users found the old full screen mode, which featured a small address bar at the top, truly annoying. To activate the new full screen mode, just press F11 or look for it in the menu.

Improved eBook and PDF Reading Experience

If your Windows 10 computing device is equipped with a touchscreen, the Edge browser is now your best option for reading PDF documents and eBooks. You are now able to sign PDF documents, make persistent highlights and even add comments, which means you no longer have to print out a document just to sign it and scan it. In the case of eBooks, the reading experience has been enhanced for touch gestures, and you can now also add notes via the keyboard or with voice comments recorded by the Cortana virtual assistant.

Text-to-Speech Narrator

Web pages and documents can now be read aloud as you are browsing in a voice that sounds natural and pleasant.

Taskbar Pinning of Web Pages

This used to be a standard Windows 8 feature, and it makes sense to bring it back to Windows 10. If you want to quickly access a favorite website from the taskbar at the bottom of your screen, choose the “Pin this page” option from the Edge menu.

Bookmark Manager

The next time you touch or click the star icon on the address bar, you will notice that the bookmark manager has been improved with a new layout and better organization features. There is a new option that allows you to edit the URLs of your bookmarks right from the folders where they are kept.