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When is it Time to Upgrade

When is it Time to Upgrade?

A Plus Computers is your computer service center providing computer repairs, and computer upgrade services to the High Desert and Victorville. The question that we pose today is When it is time to upgrade your computer? Before we answer that question let’s look at what a computer upgrade is.

Computer Upgrade

The basic idea is to modernize components within your computer so that the computer is more adept at dealing with the tasks assigned to it. What this means is increasing the amount of RAM. It also means installing newer versions of software, such as the operating system. Additionally, replacing components and drives that are damaged or not able to handle the newest technology.

So when do you know its time to upgrade rather than to replace the entire unit? The answer is complex, but for the sake of this short blog we can narrow it down to computer speed and performance.

Basic Maintenance

The speed of your computer is impacted by a lot of different factors. Sometimes it is from the junk that accumulates over time. When you add programs and delete programs, bits of those files can be left behind. The fuller the hard drive is the longer it takes a computer to find files. Virus and malware are also potential reasons why a computer may run slowly. The computer may not need to be upgraded just maintained. Start off with a diagnostics test. A Plus Computers offers a free diagnostic service to help you sort out what the best route for your computer is.

Upgrade Computer Components

Upgrade the system when you notice a decrease in speed from when you first bought the machine and today. A slow system may mean a simple cleanup of the files, and programs would help to speed up the machine. Adding RAM can also make a big difference in speed. If you use a lot of graphics or play games, then a new graphics card may also help. You should also ask about whether or not your computer needs upgraded software. A Plus Computers can properly install the latest version of Windows, such as Window 7 or Windows 8.

Upgrade to a Custom Built Computer

It is often much less expensive to either upgrade components on your old system or to custom build a computer that fits your needs. If it is time to get a new computer, considering upgrading to a custom built computer. Rather than just buying a box unit, investigate the cost of upgrading to a custom built machine. The benefit is that, with a custom built machine, you get a quality machine that is designed to meet all of your computer requirements. The price may be less than a boxed set.

If you have questions about why your computer is running slow, or whether or not you should consider upgrading your computer, just contact A Plus Computers. A Plus Computers services the entire High Desert and the great community of Victorville.