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Windows 10 Security Tips for Small Businesses

If you are a small business owner in Victorville or elsewhere in the High Desert, Windows 10 should be your first choice in terms of operating system, and you should also make sure you are running the version that is adequate for your company.

As of October 2017, Microsoft has released a dozen versions of Windows 10. The two baseline editions are Home and Pro; the rest of the editions are developed for specific uses such as mobile devices, educational laptops, and larger enterprises. Unless you run a micro company from home, your choice of Windows 10 should be the Pro version. If you are still using Windows 8.1 Pro, you should make an effort to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise, and your main motivation should be protecting your company’s data.

In the current cyber threat environment, small companies are at a great disadvantage. Hackers and cybercrime outfits know that small business owners often work with limited budgets that do not allow them to invest a lot in terms of information security. Fortunately, Microsoft has included many security features in the Pro and Enterprise editions of Windows 10, and most of them are built into the Windows Defender app.

Here are some Windows Defender features you can configure right now to protect your business data in the High Desert:

Device Guard

This Windows Defender feature works at the kernel level of the operating system. By default, apps are generally trusted and allowed to execute if they are not blocked by the antivirus system; once Device Guard is activated, this feature takes a closer look at the running processes and locks down apps that are not trusted or that are acting irregularly.

Application Guard

Similar to Device Guard, this feature locks down Windows 10 to prevent unauthorized installation of apps that have not been vetted by an administrator. Application Guard also scans attachments and will prevent the execution of malicious code hidden therein.

Exploit Guard

As its name implies, this feature takes a closer look at previous known exploits and evaluates potential new weaknesses, particularly when users run legacy software.

Credential Guard

Advanced cyber attacks look for opportunities to steal username/password combinations. Credential guard adds a layer of security to incoming remote connections; this is particularly useful if you allow employees to connect to the office network from home or when they are out on the road.

If you have security questions related to Windows 10, contact PC Performance Pros in Victorville.